About TGR

Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR) has been in existence since 1978. While originally it was developed solely as a record keeping system for trophy collecting, it has evolved into an organization that recognizes that sport hunting can be an appropriate means of regulating animal populations within the carrying capacity of their environment. TGR also recognizes that through the means of hunting, it is economically beneficial, enabling landowners to better manage and conserve the wildlife and habitat on their property while maintaining their hunting heritage. TGR is owned by the non-profit organization, United Hunting Heritage International (UHHI) whose mission is to inspire and educate youth and adults worldwide about the conservation of wildlife while preserving our hunting heritage through the research of wildlife and their habitat, promotion of hunter education, ethics of hunting, hunting safety, and the role hunting plays in conservation. To continue in the solidification of what UHHI and TGR support, we are now in our 17th year of the TGR’s Big Buck Contest. This contest which includes roughly 165 potential winning categories (Whitetail, Turkey and Wild Hogs) for adults and youth, continues to be one of the best “buck contests” and the leader in youth hunting contests in the state. The continued support for the hunting industry through our Big Buck Contest is the result of years of dedication from our adult and youth hunters.