The TGR’s Record Book that is published annually is compiled of records from the most accurate measuring system in the world and one that truly honors each animal based on its own merit. Each edition holds over 250 different species of animals from around the world that are divided into indigenous and non-indigenous categories and includes detailed scoring information about each collected trophy.

TGR's Record Book 18 (2017-2018) containing all trophies harvested from 1978 through January 31, 2018, is currently available for digital download and in print. Just click on the "Digital Record Book" section below to get it now!

The cost of the TGR Record Book 18 is $35.00.
If you don't already have it, you'll need the  Adobe Reader to view the Record Book.
In order to get full functionality from this pdf, after it opens, save it to your computer and then open it in Adobe Reader.

To order your printed version of Record Book 18 (Inserts only - $35 or Binder with Inserts - $55) use the link below - Printed Record Book.