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Welcome to Trophy Game Records of the World Online Record Book

Online Records (Record Book 16) Currently available through January 31, 2016

To purchase a printed edition of Record Book 16, contact our TGR offices at (830) 315-4868

We proudly offer this online version of the TGR Record Book and informational website. With this innovative technology, TGR has made available trophy records to hunters, ranches, guides, outfitters and industry enthusiasts worldwide. With your paid subscription, you will have the ability to search through trophy records in seconds, retrieve species information with accompanying photographs, register for our annual Big Buck Contest and the TGR Awards Banquet, as well as access information on becoming a Tropaeologist and/or print out score sheets for scoring your next big trophy. 

You must purchase either a one year ($29.95) subscription or an express 10 day ($9.95) subscription by clicking on the appropriate logo (Full Year or Express 10) on the right side of this page. You will be asked to provide your payment details along with registering your user name and password (to be used on future visits to the site).

Your username must be at least 5 characters and your password must be at least 7 characters with no spaces. 

In addition, visit each of our sponsor’s websites to research and/or book your next hunt.