Several times a year TGR orchestrates special events with the goal of raising funds allowing us to conduct outreach programs. TGR is a
registered non-profit and individuals donating to TGR, either monetarily or with in-kind donations, will be provided a receipt that can be used for tax purposes. Any amount or gift will be appreciated. To learn more about how you can become involved please contact us.


There are many ways you can help us reach our goals by becoming a volunteer for TGR. Outreach, Special Events, Programs and Day-to-Day operations are more successful with you involved!

Official TGR Scorers

All trophies entered into our annual record book and Big Buck Contest must be scored by an official TGR scorer using a TGR score sheet. Our Scorers are ambassadors for TGR in the field and must maintain our high standards.

We require potential scorers to attend a certified TGR scoring class led by one of our Master Scoring Instructors. Upon completion of the class and passing the exam, you are then an extension of TGR.


We require ALL official TGR scorers to become members of TGR and are NOT allowed to score their own animals. Please follow the link below to become a member!

While in the field we expect our official scores to adhere to the rules and regulations of TGR while promoting ethical hunting practices and developing stewards of the land.

At our Annual Awards Banquet, we recognize the scorers in the following categories: Big Buck Scorer of the Year & Overall Scorer of the Year.


Become a Member

Trophy Game Records welcomes new members to join and help with our mission to develop stewards of both the land and community while promoting ethical hunting practices and providing a way to recognize hunters' achievements.