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Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR) has been in existence since 1978. TGR was developed as a record keeping system for trophy collecting. TGR has evolved
into a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization which recognizes that sport hunting can be an appropriate means of regulating animal populations within the carrying capacity of their environment. TGR also understands that through the means of hunting, it is economically beneficial, enabling landowners to better manage and conserve the wildlife and habitat on their property while maintaining their hunting heritage.

TGR hosts a Big Buck Contest every year, beginning with the opening of Whitetail Deer season and ending on Januray 31st. The contest consists of Whitetail Deer, Texas Mule Deer, and Wild Turkey Divisions. For more information, please visit our Big Buck Contest Website (

TGR also hosts an Awards Banquet each year in July. It is a great way to showcase hunters, guides, outfitters, and ranches accomplishments from the previous hunting year.

Board Members

Jordan Anders, President

Tommy Vanckhoven, Vice President

Kody Kubala, Treasurer

Calan Ahrens, Secretary

Art Garcia

Justin Gazaway

Mike Felts

Chris Fritz

Victor Hollender

Terry Owen

Clay Simon

Technical Committee

Clay Simon, Chairman (Big Buck Contest  Committee)

Michael Felts

Dustin Jones

Kody Kubala

Lamar Lindley

Cody Murr (Big Buck Contest Committee)

Terry Owen (Big Buck Contest Committee)

Lewis Scherer, III

Justin Taylor

Tommy Vanckhoven (Big Buck Contest Committee)

Youth Programs &
Scholarship Committee

Calan Ahrens

Andy Garcia

Financial Committee

Jordan Anders

Kody Kubala

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